The EasiBooster Classic

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The EasiBooster Classic and complete board is ready to go! Every inch perfect design related to optimal performance after many testing stages. This deck is a middle size giving you the best all round experience from your board from the practicallity of being able to carry it with a straigh arm for longer periods of time to having the maximum amout of length possible to maximise ride performance and comfort.

To develop the EasiBooster Classic deck we had input from specialists accross Europe with years of experience in classic and electric skateboard manufacturing.

The EasiBooster classic deck is made from a Walnut 7 layer wood in a concave mould. The concave allows optimal steering performance being wider at the front of the deck allowing you to carve and glide into curves. The rear oft he deck is narrower presenting the beautiful but mean curves of this luxury deck. The deck offers a short kicktail for the convenience of it reaching your hand every time and there is also a small kick nose giving the board ist optimal and unique beauty. The wheel base is wide to prevent the board from tipping up under extreme forces of acceleration or braking reducing the chances of wheel slip.

The Black Box system is constructed and designed by one oft he worlds leading engineers and inventors to produce a very powerful dual motor system capable of climing any hill you should face on your daily commute. The system offers a high top end speed of 30 kmh at this speed you could not wish for more. From one full charge the Samsung battery will allow you to travel upto 15 km.

The controller has 4 different speed settings to choose from dependant upon the rider experience and required performace.

The Black Box system can be fitted to most decks with little DIY experience within 30 minutes. Many skateboard stores are willing to help you with this upon request or if you prefer to have a ready to go complete skateboard you can opt for our Classic EasiBooster Complete option where we do all the work for you assembled here in Germany.

The Black Box System firmware performs silently with huge thrusts of power of upto most rider weights.

  • Sleek All Black Carbon Fibre Effect System
  • Easy to Fit to other decks
  • Low Maintenance
  • Elegant EasiBooster walnut custom deck 24 x 85 cm 7 ply with concave, kick tail and nose tail
  • Practical and Lightweight 5kg system
  • Water Resistant (splash water, guarantee does not cover water damage)
  • Super Silent system with black box latest version firmware.
  • Up to 15 Km range
  • 30 kmh top speed
  • Intelligent digital brain system with slip protection under braking and acceleration
  • Kick push home when the battery is flat
  • Regenerative Braking System
  • USB power socket for under lighting system and other accessories
  • Comfortable and simple remote control which fits nicely in your hand
  • 90 minute charge time. (faster is not safe or good for the batterys health)
  • Samsung 10S 1P Battery
  • 1 Year Guarantee (workshop here in Cologne by post or by appointment)
  • German, English instruction Manuel
  • Powered by 2 x 600 watt Japanese component 83 mm Hub motors
  • Professional and caring customer support in German and English.
  • LED on board battery power and satus indicator
  • Hand control bluetooth connectivity and battery power indicator

EasiBooster Classic Box Contents

  • 1 x EasiBooster Classic Deck Complete and ready to go with EasiBooster BlackBox system – assembled in Germany
  • 1 x EasiBooster German and English Instruction Manuel
  • 1 x EasiBooster remote control
  • 1 x EasiBooster 2.0 A charger with 41,75v peak voltage
  • 1 x EasiBooster large display box, shipping box and 3 smaller inner boxes for charger and remote control.

Important Disclaimer and Guidelines

  • Our systems are partially waterproof but we do not promote riding your skateboard in the rain or wet due to safety reasons as the wheels can slip under braking.
  • Our guarantee does not cover water damage.
  • Our batteries are under 100 Wh flying restrictions (most airlines) and we have taken them with us on flights but we do not accept any responsibilty for loss or other problems at the airport o runder transportation.
  • The Black Box can be built to flexible Bamboo longboard decks but we do not cover any damage which may be caused due to the Black box system being dmaged in this way.
  • Helmets and safety gear should be worn at all time when riding.
  • It is recommeneded for the rider to start in beginner mode when learning
  • Electric skateboards are not currently allowed by law on public highways or cycle lanes or footpaths. We do not accept any responsibilty for where the rider chooses to use their products.
  • The electronics should not be opened and any faults under the guarantee should be reported directly to us for servicing and repairs. Any opening or attempts made to repair or tamper with our products by the buyer will void the warranty
  • We recommend the use of under skateboard lighting at all times


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