Things to know before buying a Hoverboard

What to Know Before Buying a Hoverboard? | EasiBooster

With little or no experience buying your first Hoverboard can be a confusing choice. There are many aspects at play here so we made this post here with our years of experience to give you the heads up and bring you into the know within minutes.



The most important thing to know is the self balancing scooter market is a competitive one like most and not everything you may read is true from specifications on the box to what you read on websites. If one company may be honest with their specifications but they are lower you may go to another with higher specs thinking you are getting more when you are actually not or maybe even worse….. less. A way of checking this is to weigh a hoverboard on a set of scales. Anything weighing under 8 kg in generally speaking poor quality whereas anything over 10 kg is exceptional quality.



The next thing to consider when buying a Hoverboard is the guarantee. If you are buying for your children do not forget many children can be sad or become impatient if there is a problem with it or it breaks. For this reason we would suggest buying your self blance smart scooter from a shop where you can instantly return to to have it services or receive support.


Care and guidance

 Its important to care for your smart scooter mini Segway or Hoverboard by not exposing it to water. No hoverboards in the world are waterproof and it is very easy for water to get inside and damage the electronics which may void your warranty so its important to be patient and wait for the ground to dry before riding your electric scooter.



 Uusually it’s a case most often as you as a parent buying a Hoverboard Balance Scooter for your chilren and you may be concearned about safety. We would suggest that you make your own decision on this basis but also say that most children ride without protection. Maybe while learning we would suggest to wear a helmet until you become a more experienced rider. Do not use your Smart Balance Scooter on or in public spaces. Stay away from cars especially.

Things to know before buying a Hoverboard

Speed and Range

 All hoverboards are around 15 kmh top speed or there around depending on which wheel size you have. Only the wheel size will be the deciding impact upon this factor as all of the software used is the same. Range is however, a very important topic to discuss related to the performance of Hoverboards and is particually important in the production of the Easibooster Hoverboard which uses a larger battery not only giving the board a longer range but better performance and power especially with the HoverKart attached to the board. This will in many cases double the ride time as the HoverKart causes the Hoverboard to use much more power quickly.



 Many brands state that their hoverboards have 2 x 350 watt or more motors but this is not always true. The only way to know what size motor a board has is to open the motors. You cannot believe the specifications. It doesn’t matter which brand it is but when the prices of hoverboards come down on the market over the years since launch the quality comes down too but the specifications stay the same on the packaging to stay in competition. We at Easibooster manually inspect and hand select boards with actual quality and weight when buying our stock to provide you with the best Smart Blance Scooters on the market.


Hoverboard General Quality

 Hoverboards are like wine and remind me of many conversations with my grandparents where they always said “they don’t make things like they used to” this is also true with hoverboards – the older the board is the more likely it is to be higher quality and worth investing in a good Hoverboard Repair Service to bring an old beast back to life and not just buy a new one from the market. You may think buying a new once is fancy and fresh…. But you will unlikely have that weight and quality you expect from your last experience and board.


Rider Weight and Height

 We have seen baies on the internet like some you tube sensations from 2 years old riding their 2 wheel balance scooters but generally we find the age range for a rider begins around 7 years old or at least 20 kg in body weight.


Charge and Ride Time

 The charge and ride time are usually relative to one another with smart balance scooters but of course it depends on many aspects such as rider weight, hill climbing, how you ride it and even the temparature outside. With an Easibooster Hoverboard you can expect on average a 1-2 hour ride time standing (30-40 minutes with HoverKart attachment) and the the same 1-2 hour charge time. Hoverboards are heavy to carry once the batteries go flat so be sure to get a good one.