Things to know when buying an Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard Buying Guide for Beginners | EasiBooster

Want to go back to that old school feel of younger years? Maybe you just want that rush of the eceleration and feeling of freedom that a motorcycle gives you but in a more portable form in pure silence breezing along the river. There are many different brands and types of Electric Skateboard and Longboards on the market so it can be a bit daunting trying to make a decision on which one to buy with little expereince.

Electric skateboards are just as they sound. A piece of wood with four wheels under but on steroids ……. Now they have motorised electronics under to propell them along using a bluetooth wireless remote to connect while steering in the good old school traditional manner leaning with your bodyweigh on the front to steer in the direction you want to go.

Electric skateboards were first seen in Australia nd the USA and since then spread across the world. They are extreme fun once you have learnt the technique and can take you places faster than you have ever seen especially in urban areas and cities. Riding a traditional skateboard or longboard without electronics is much more difficult that with electonics due to the fact you do not have to balance on one leg while pushing. Just jump on it and let the motors do all the work!


Things to keep in mind when buying an Electric Skateboard


 Electric skateboards are not just always toys for having fun but can also often become a real means of very practical and extremely compact transport. It is quite possibly the smalles form of human transport known to man weighing from only 6kg to 20 kg there are many models and types of board on the market to suit the purpose. Some are designed for sports and racing and some are designed for all round use like the Easibooster Classic. An importan thing to consider is how to carry it when your battery is empty or when you go shopping. Is it too heavy? Can you carry it by the trucks with a straigh arm? Can you kick push home when the battery is empty? If it’s a long sports board the chances are you may have to drag it on its rear wheels. Where will you put it if its so expensive while you go into a shop? The most important hing to start with is decide your purpose…. For sports riding or transport or simply for fun.



 Some boards on the market can reach very high speeds of upto 60 kmh or more therefore its very important to wear a helmet and we would suggest this for every board on the market. Anything faster than 35 kmh we would even suggest motorcycle protection and body protection but a helmet is always a must as far as we are concearned.


Speed and RangeElectric Skateboard Buying Guide for Beginners | EasiBooster

 The range generally depends on your purpose in the section above. Do you need to carry the extra weight of a big battery in shops with a longer deck to accommodate it or is that too inconvenient? These larger batteries are also generally not accepted on some forms of transport or in places such as planes this is why Easbooster have designed their Easibooster Classic Skateboard to be portable lightweight and flight safe for practicality. They suggest if you wish to go further than 15 km you may be better off taking a train or e-bike. 32 kmh is also a top speed only suggested for rider safely. We feel if you want to go faster than this, you should also turn to a larger form of transport made for long distance like a motorcycle.





 Electric Longboards and Skateboards can range in price from anywhere between 100-5000€ in price. Of course, as always its important to read reviews and research what you are getting for your money when buying so that you are not going to be left out in the cold with nowhere to go back to under the gurantee or not left walking home with a heavy skateboard every time it fails.


Charge Time

 For some brands of electric skateboard different speeds and sizes of chargers are available. This is sometimes important to consider whether riding a large battery board which could take up to 4 hours to charge or a small battery board where you need to charge it more often.


Be Seen and be Safe

 Underboard lighting is a big hit and looks really cool and is of course great to be seen and be safe. Shredlights provide great under board lighting to fit this purpose but with the Easibooster Classic there is a USB port which allows you to attach extra upgrade bed lights to the bottom of your skateboard to add to that effect.


Wheel Size

 When e-skating its important to take smooth roads that you already know well because you only have small wheels. Even a small pot hole can send you flying off your board so generally speaking wheel size is important and road conditions also.



 Quality is everything with electric skateboards because they have to usually be kept to a kinimal weight materials have to be saved to keep the weight low, this means that the materials used should be of the highest quality like the Samsung battery provided in the Easibooster Classic.


Road Conditions and Waterproofing

 Many brands in eletric skateboards fight to offer waterproof protection but there is little point in this due to the dangers of riding in the rain. When ground surfaces are wet the wheels slip easily and it can become very dangerous to ride so we suggest not to ride in these conditions in any circumstances.


Acceptance of Electric Skateboards in Different Regions

 In different regions around the world comes the hot current topic of what forms of micro electric transport are allowed and electric skateboards are one of them. Please check with your local government to find information of this or go online to to get the most up to date information and follow pages such as “Electric Empire” the demostration group from Berlin to free the right of use to save the planet before its too late!